Volunteer Training and Maintenance  

During November, we have been preparing our Covid Safe plans and running Volunteer sailing days so that we are comfortable that the plans are practical for a restart to sailing in 2021.

We have invited a small group of students from a Local Special School to participate in these training days to ensure that all our Volunteers are comfortable with our Covid Safe Plan for returning to Sailing.

So far so good.  Not long before the end of the Term and Christmas, which means not long before we can invite all our clients to return to sailing.


News t0 the minute


At our September Committee meeting it was decided that Sailability Bayside will remain closed for sailing for all of Term 4 in line with advice from the State Government.


We continue to monitor Queensland Government advice and will review this decision early December 2020.


We urge all of our volunteers, sailors and carers to be mindful of the directions issued by Qld Health and to observe social distancing when you are out in public spaces, so that we can be ready to start sailing again when conditions become safe to do so.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay well, wash your hands and we look forward to being on the water with you as soon as it is possible.

The Situation in Queensland will be monitored by Sailability Bayside and any updates to the above notification will be published.

Thank you for understanding as we all work through these challenging times.




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